Herald: Beneficence, Disobedience, and Restoration with God’s Address (p1)


Oracle Saint Jerriè

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Church Directives: A.D. June 6, 2019


The LORD has delivered me messages to the Body of Christ Church Councils.  Those called thusly will understand His Word.  For I am but a messenger and He the sender and we the receivers.  I have messages regarding Church directives His Holiness wants implemented for the safety of His manifestations on Earth.  Much is occurring by way of Faith and tragedy.  We are to listen and watch for our opportunities to please Holy GOD.

The Directives are as follows:

  1. Church security is lacking and needs to be implemented and increased.  In those areas where there is opportunity through lack of employment to hire men, do so.  These men need to be vetted and trained to protect the Church with information and armaments.  The safeguarding of people and Holy Writ is paramount.  Too many are reading and ill prepared for physical war.  Such protections should extend to the convents as well.  We are at war and all are called to fight.
  2. Clerics are to prepare and train for exorcisms.  More priests are needed in the non-denominational sector.  Too many preachers and not enough Holy workers in the worlds where Satan is attempting dominion.  Too many have discounted mental and physical issues as medical diagnoses only but cite the devil as the cause in the pulpit.  There is a grave disconnect when this same cleric meets someone and has not the rites and ceremonies crafted and learned to work the Higher Sciences of Christianity to battle bigger demons greater than “a good word” can obliterate.
  3. Dissemination of the King James Version is paramount as it is the revealed Word.  God is the judge and He saw fit to introduce and bless this version.  Many have been deceived that they can obtain His meaning by changing words to fit their ignorance and their lack of Holy discernment.  The inability to read the King James Version can indicate a presence of the demonic, lack of Will, or even laziness.  Speaking slang and barely reading past a rudimentary level is no excuse to change the God’s words.  As I have spoken of previously, we are to elevate our consciousness to God’s standards to reach Him.
  4. Churches need to be available 24hrs a day.  Christians need a place to rest their minds, bodies, and spirits.  Many are turned from the Church because of seeming lack of interest from the Church to be available to them.  Clerics need to be made available in shifts and food kept at the ready to hand out.
  5. Create more programs and pantries.  There is no excuse for a Church not to have actual goods and monies available for people.  Solicit more donations from the wealthy.  One such program to create is a preparedness course with Holy Scripture cited.  Brochures and podcasts are to be made and disseminated to the public.
  6. Increase the number of convents and make available to the public information regarding their sanctuary for women.  More women are covering and becoming Holy but haven’t a place to go.  We are shielding ourselves in places not Holy enough to merit our greater security.  We want to be surrounded by our LORD and Christ and work as stewards in their service.  Non-denominational convents especially are needed as the time has come for many to leave denominations that have lost their angels per Revelation.
  7. Church reform is paramount to maintaining good standing with LORD.  As His Daughter, I have been revealed more which is to come.  The current POPE like many before him, are showing their true colors as antiChrist.  That is not to say that we should throw away all there is with Catholicism.  But that is the great play by Satan.  Satan wants us to discard the truths with the guilty as though all is ill.  This goes for other denominations as well.  But none are so far-reaching, their seeming avarice for the rules and common sense of the LORD, than the oldest – the Orthodox and the Catholic denominations recently.  An Orthodox patriarch even sold land to the Jews!  Identify the guilty, fire them and/or have them arrested.  Save the children and teach the fundamentalism that God as Christ has set before you!

His Will be done.  All glory and honor to Him who is to be praised and through Christ who serves us all!


Oracle Saint Jerriè McGill

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Ladies Need More

Ladies we need more!
What you’re standing around for?
Grab armaments and mean it!
You know we can clean.
Now we need to lean on the glean to get mean
Without envy of another’s envy.
Long range with capture.
Creativity of the natural instinct to protect and curtail suspects.
They’re eyeing our babies as Satan’s slaves and trade for maybes they call gravy.
This bipolar isn’t so unhandy.
Disabilities my abilities.
I die to you, but I transition and return immortalis humanis.
I’m wired for the fight.
A Christian soldier loaded for the takeover.

Ladies to the forefront, into the foray!
Run it to ruin the devil’s demonstrators;
To end their ways!
Sluts, whores, and faggots wanting respect for their antiChrist ratchet!
It’s their hate.
In a tissy they are to make Christian laws unlawful.
My God’s love and protection’s now a hate crime!
It’s time for action.
The reason, not a debate.
Bring bullets to the fight, glock handy, and fists tight.
Identify and annihilate heads high!

It’s only thugging when you’re a criminal;
otherwise it’s straight governing.
Think of your kids!
Think of your husbands!
“What meeting?! Where was I!”, she cried
Looking into his eyes, she saw he died.
Why are my loves crying thinking themselves bugs?
“That was Jamie’s little boy!
He’s not a politician’s… oh no!”

It’s about our survival as a species.
Holy’s an order.
Blue, Black, and gold misused.
Of Heaven so we subdue.
Higher is needed, but lower is clogged of their refuse.
God sees you and is making you to do.
Ladies, this includes you!

Their bleed is when opportunity meets sin.
Now they’ve crossed ladies;
The beginning of their end!
And to the punked out and privileged?
We’re coming for you!
You can’t have us, our children, or our men.
No more!


Oracle St. Jerriè

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Watch “Herald: Warning from GOD – Christian Awareness Needed A.D. October 20, 2019” on YouTube

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Watch “Herald: Update A.D. July 23, 2019” on YouTube

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Playhouse Light

He tried for sincerity but Cyrano wouldn’t fight against his field of “No!” to the delusion that false was its own calamity even with attraction as the dart. Fixed on fanny he believed the lies amicable from Annie though her curves gave weigh to poundage swayed to another today. The records are replete with the indignities of when two enemies meet and fair well to each their spell, as love is not the inception nor the delay. Ah, but the game they doth play while no one’s more jester than they.


by Oracle Saint Jerriè

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Insignificant Factors

Insignificant factors
walking around as wactors
weak behind the eight ball actors
wishing they were sought after
and that they’d signed NAFTA
instead of the blood contract
the devil brought out after;
before and now.


by Oracle Saint Jerriè McGill

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Spirit Talk

White Dove_grey

The tongues increase as I age
To a time before and as were the clocks are made.
One to start on, spirit talk.
A greater empath.
Deft of thought.
A beginning ever consulted of Master’s works.
A high-ranking appointed designer of the Grand Design.
Richer, the poorer sacrosanct.
A delicate sojourner.
Impermanence my stay.
Blessings, to pray.

by Oracle Saint Jerriè McGill

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